Guity Adjoodani

Guity Adjoodani Iranian pianist Guity Adjoodani, whose CD is titled Journey to Iran, has performed extensively in recitals and as a soloist with various orchestras in the United States and Iran.

Program on the Millennium Stage:
  • Part I
    • Khabhaye Talayi ("Golden Dreams") by Marufi
    • A Lost Love, Perlod
    • Nocturne, Scherzo by Gregorian
  • Part II. Iranian Folktales, arranged by S. Beizai and G. Adjoodani (title - province)
    • Dobedo ("You and Me") - Kurdistan
    • Akh Lehlom ("A Moment Away from You") - Kurdistan
    • Se Godar ("Ups and Downs of Life") - Gorgan
    • Lalai (lullaby) - Shiraz
    • To Bia ("Come to Me") - Shiraz
    • Vassunak (festive folk song) - Shiraz
    • Kuchelara ("Down a Narrow Street") - Azerbaijan
    • Ay Lachin ("The Performance") - Azerbaijan
    • Mashti Ebad ("Man from Mashhad") - Azerbaijan
    • Shahbanu ("Respectable Lady") - Bakhtiar
    • Suz-e Rokh ("The Brunette") - Bakhtiar
    • Shoheil ("Flame of Passion") - Bakhtiar
    • Darneh Djan ("She Is Coming") - Mazanderan
    • Rika Jan ("Dear Boy") - Mazanderan
    • Gandomkar ("Farmer") - Loristan
    • Pachelili (Little Girl Named Lily") - Gilan
    • Shekar-e Ahu ("Deer Hunt") - Kuhestan
    • Mast-om, Mast-om ("I'm Drunk, I'm Drunk") - Loristan
  • Part III
    • Jila Fantasie by Marufi
    • Mera Beboos ("Kiss Me for the Last Time") by Vafadar
    • Pishdaramad va Charmezrab dar Esfahan ("Overture and 4 Plectrum in Esfahan Mode") by Der Stepani
    • Esfahan Rhapsody by Marufi

CLICK HERE to watch and listen to Guity Adjoodani's performance from the Kennedy Center's Video Archive.

Publications (CDs):
Journey to Iran (2003)

Official website: www.guityadjoodani.com

Thanks to: Center for Persian Studies at the University of Maryland

* co-produced and co-marketed by David Chambers

January 7, 2005 (Friday) 6:00 p.m. on the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage

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