Rami Khalife

Rami Khalife23 year-old Lebanese pianist Rami Khalife performs compositions from his new album Scene From Hellek which features avant-garde jazz improvisations with influences from western classical music, world music, and traditional sounds from Beirut.

Program on the Millennium Stage:
  • An unscheduled, hour-long jazz piano improvisation

CLICK HERE to watch and listen to Rami Khalife's Performance from the Kennedy Center's Video Archive.

Publications (CDs):
Scene from Hellek (2005)
Live in Beirut (2002)

Official website: www.ramikhalife.com

Thanks to: Mr. Mustafa Habib of the Nagam Cultural Project and Al-Hewar Center

* co-produced and co-marketed by David Chambers

April 23, 2005 (Saturday) 6:00 p.m. on the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage

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