Dunya Ensemble

Ottoman tughra

For their Millennium Stage debut, Dunya Ensemble will share unique ways of presenting Turkish music, which they have been working on the for nearly half a decade.

For example, they will perform two love songs back-to-back but bridged by improvised vocals, the first love song composed by an Ottoman sultan, the second by a contemporary Turkish singer.

Another genre they have explored derives from beraber taksim (different instruments improvising simultaneously), which Dunya has developed into their own cift gazel in which two singers improvise simultaneously while carefully following each other in the style of Hafiz.

Add to this original compositions, influenced by Jazz, Western Classical, Turkish Classical, Turkish Folk, and contemporary music and enter through Dunya's unique portal into the complex intricacies of muliple Turkish musical traditions.

  • Polyphonic Folk Music (cura/duduk, ceng, percussion)
    • Koyunu Horeyledim (anonymous)
    • Cura taksim (anonymous)
    • Bir Kiz ile Bir Gelin (anonymous)
  • Sultan Selim III to Mustafa Sandal (ud/ney, ceng, percussion)
  • Sacred Music (ud, ceng, percussion)
    • Kha-desh Keke Dem (A Maftirim song) (anonymous)
    • Beraber Taksim (collective improvisation) over Perde Kaldirma (modulation) (anonymous)
    • Nev‚Äôeser Durak (Huseyin Saadettin Arel)
    • Dinle Sozumu (anonymous)
  • Continuation of Ottoman Music (piano, ceng, drum set/percussion)
Performers: CLICK HERE to listen to Dunya Ensemble's performance on the Millennium Stage.

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Psalms of Ali Ufki (2006)
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Official website: dunyainc.org

Thanks to: Dunya Ensemble's corporate sponsors, Gentle Movers and Mezun USA; also, Aysegul Acar-Dreyer

May 31, 2006 (Wednesday) 6:00-7:00 p.m. on the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage

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