HiJazz: Concert for Peace

HiJazz drumming

Chicago's HiJazz -- whose members are Syrian, Armenian, Latin, and North American musicians -- continue their mission to build cultural understanding and peace with a performance of their high-energy music: traditional melodies and rhythms of the Middle East combined with the modern beat of Latin American music.

Performers: * Omar Al-Musfi and Kinan Abou-afasch also perform with Hewar and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Concerts for Peace 2006
2006.09.15: Chicago, IL
2006.09.17: Wooster, OH
2006.09.18: Pittsburgh, PA
2006.09.20: Lancaster, PA
2006.09.21: New York, NY
2006.09.22: New Haven, CT
2006.09.23: Lanham, MD

Tickets are $10: contact tour organizer Mel Lehman

Modern Mijana (2005)

Details (date, time, venue):
September 23, 2006 (Saturday) 7:30 p.m. at the Capital Christian Fellowship (Lanham, MD - directions)

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