Kinan Azmeh & Kevork Mourad: Gilgamesh Project

Kevork Mourad and Kinan Azmeh The current unrest in the seat of the world's oldest civilization inspired Kinan Azmeh and Kevork Mourad to explore the oldest known work of literature. The Epic of Gilgamesh is a rich, meaningful, romanctic yet humorous story of one man's search for peace and his place in the world. Gilgamesh was king of the Uruk (the biblical Erech) some 5,000 years ago.

Gilgamesh Project, by Kinan Azmeh and Kevork Mourad Kinan and Kevork have chosen to explore this epic through a collaboration of original music and visuals (live painting and animation), using them in tandem as vehicles for storytelling.

This is Washington's premiere of this artistic collaboration-performance.

Preview (Quicktime)

Providence Journal
Sequenza 21
Daily Star

Previous Performances:
Armenian General Benevolence Union (Damascus)
Alwan For the Arts (New York)
Silk Road Project
Pier 63 (New York)
Julliard Journal (New York)
Angel Orensanz Foundation

Thanks to: ZaMZaM Arts, The show is made possible through the generous support of Raja Khoury, Geith Kallas, Maher Chalabi, and His Excellency Dr. Imad Moustapha of the Embassy of Syria

Tickets: $25 ($15 for students with valid ID)

October 06, 2006 (Friday) 8:00 p.m. at the University of Maryland's Robert and Arlene Kogod Theatre (directions)


Anonymous said...

كنان و والده بشار العظمة يحتكران جمعية "صدى" الموسيقية. مؤسسة وطنية لدعم شخص واحد فقط.
أقترح على تغيير اسم المؤسسة ل "عظمة" و لتكون خاصة... باسم كل المؤلفين الموسيقيين والعازفين السوريين أعبر عن بالغ أسفنا لهذا الوضع
و أقترح برفع كتاب شكوى للسيدة الأولى لتقدم بالشكل المناسب من غير شك

Anonymous said...

it is incredible that someone will go through all this trouble and spend all this time bad-mouthing a musician such as Kinan Azmeh. We as Syrians are proud to have a Syrian musician on this level. The person who wrote the previous comment should be ashamed of himself.