Georgian State Dance Company (2)

The Georgian State Dance Company storms the stage with equal parts enthusiasm and virtuosity in a non-stop kaleidoscope of whirling, leaping, spinning, and gliding bodies, leaving audiences and critics awestruck.

This renowned company performs regional, court, and social dances reflecting various aspects of Georgian life. Fierce gymnastic male warriors demonstrate their impressive acrobatic skills in dramatic war dances while exquisitely costumed women glide on imperceptible footsteps across the stage. And then, performing at break-neck speeds, the men spin high in mid-air, compete in elaborate swordplay, dance completely unsupported on toes alone, and defy gravity by balancing on one another’s shoulders.

$46, $38, $23, available online or call (703) 993-2787

November 18, 2007 (Sunday) @ 4:00 PM at George Mason University's Center for the Arts

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