Safaafir at Busboys & Poets

Date: March 2, 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Busboys & Poets
Tickets: $10.00 at door

Descriiption: Safaafir will perform the maqam special to Iraq -- a classical vocal tradition found primarily in the cities of Baghdad, Mosul, Kirkuk, and Basra, drawing upon musical styles of the many populations in Iraq and the surrounding areas. Iraqi maqam is distinct maqaqm in the rest of the Arab world and Turkey. In Iraq, maqam refers to the actual compositions, which are highly-structured, semi-improvised melodic recitations of Classical Arabic and colloquial Iraqi poetry. The maqam is followed by a pesteh, or popular song, which is lighthearted and rhythmic, and often includes audience participation in the form of singing, dancing, or clapping.

Until the 20th century, the maqam was ubiquitous in the urban centers of modern-day Iraq, its melodies heard in various settings, religious and secular. Today, there are very few keeping this musical tradition alive, and Safaafir is the only Chalghi ensemble in the US that is actively performing this music. For this performance, Safaafir will focus on both the urban maqam, as well as some of the folk and rural songs found throughout the rest of Iraq.

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