The Clinic: 1001 Days

Date and Time: Friday July 9 @ 6pm
Wednesday July 14 @ 9:30pm
Saturday July 17 @ 1pm
Thursday July 22 @ 10pm
Saturday July 24 @ 7:30pm
Place: The Clinic, 1003 6th ST NW, WDC (directions)
Tickets: $15 general (online)

Tired of hearing about endless wars in the Middle East?

So come see ClassiqueNouveau's irreverent take on an Arabian classic--where East meets West in a magical tale, filled with laughs, love, and adventure.

Scheherazade is not telling tales, she’s taking heads. In this sequel to The Arabian Nights, Scheherazade is not the storyteller of Arabian lore, but a queen who marries a man each day and has his head served on a platter at night. Only a shepherd named Ali who comes with different tales to tell can end the queen’s madness and bring peace back to the land. Set in an imagined Baghdad, 1001 Days is a feminist spin to a classic story. Emma Strauss is stage manager; Paco Jose Madden is director.

  • Nora Fatima Achrati
  • Louis E. Davis
  • Steve Lee
  • Soneyet Muhammad
  • Fatima Quander
  • Gillian Shelly
  • John Tweel
  • Ivan Zizek
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