Why "Washintunes"?

Some people may ask, why did you start up "Washintunes"?

There are two answers.

First, we wanted to follow up the late, brilliant "Millennium Stage" website, started and maintained by the Kennedy Center's Community Advisory Board member, David Chambers. We secured Mr. Chambers' support (and portions of his former website) to create this one -- and expand it from the Kennedy Center to all of Washington's many venues for live performing arts.

Second, we wanted to find a name that began to address the breadth and depth of the live performing arts deriving from the Middle East and Central Asia which make up this website's content. "Washintunes" represents the Arabic word for Washington ("Waashintuun") and the word "tune." OK, it's not all-inclusive nor genius stuff, but it may give you a good chuckle -- and, better, stick in your head.

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